Thursday, October 30, 2008

Congratulations to Twilight Theatre's New Apprentice Company!

Congratulations to the following young people who were recently accepted into Twilight Theatre's new Apprenticeship Company.

Kathleen Balmes
Ashley Berry
Robin Burton
Corey Couch
Reagan Grillo
Mallory Hu
Kelly McCarty
Maria McCranie
Grace Nelmes
Sara Nelmes
Nicole Nipper
Andrew Perry
Marissa Shenkle
Anna Kate Spears
Maggie Spears
Nora Wilfong
Kirstie Wilkinson

Under the direction of Dana Spears, the Apprenticeship Company is for students in grades 6 through 12 who are interested in learning more about all aspects of theatre. Participation in the Apprenticeship Company provides hands-on learning opportunities and monthly meetings featuring guest speakers. Education on a wide range of theatre topics is provided at the apprentice-only monthly meetings featuring guest speakers, and Apprentices will enjoy various opportunities for hands- on learning under the tutelage of knowledgeable, experienced mentors.

Membership in Twilight's Apprenticeship Company will focus on building an impressive body of well-rounded knowledge about theatre and developing skills and experiences that will help Apprentices land good jobs and admittance to colleges.
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Twilight Theatre Announces Workshops for Youth and Teens

The Twilight Theatre and The Twilight Apprentice Company are excited to offer a Christmas workshop: Little Cosette and Father Christmas. Directed by Dana Spears with Music Director Barbara Zellner, this one-act play for teens and children was adapted by Adele Thane from Victor Hugo's Les Miserables.

Auditions for named parts is on Thursday, November 6th at 6:30 p.m. at the First United Methodist Church in Fayetteville, GA. This is a workshop. NO AUDITION IS REQUIRED for Villagers and Children (ensemble), but paid registration is required on Nov. 6th. Parts will be announced that night.

Parts are marked as L (large: many/several lines to learn) or S (few/no lines to learn).

Cast and suggested age range:

Must be Males
Henri Thenardier (villain) (age 14+) L
Schoolmaster (age 14+) L
Pierre Boulatruelle (age 13+) L
Wagoner (age 10+) S
Jean Valjean (age 14+) L

Must be Females
Madame Thenardier (age 12+) L
Ponin (age 8-12) L
Zelma (age 6-10) L
Cosette (age 8-12) L
Gypsy (age 14+) S

Male or Female (age-range flexible)
Juggler S (needs to juggle)
Clown L
Peddler 1 S
Peddler 2 S (acting, no lines)
Toy vendor L
Candy seller S (acting, no lines)
Villagers (ensemble)
Children (ensemble)

The fee for the workshop is $75 (includes all instruction, costumes, and production fees) and must be paid on Nov. 6th to hold your spot. Every actor will receive 2 free tickets to the performance on December 4.

Rehearsals will be on Thursday nights (beginning November 8) and Saturday mornings with no rehearsals the week of Thanksgiving.

Audition hints:
There will be a singing audition for Little Cosette only. Please be prepared to sing Castle on a Cloud from the Broadway musical Les Miserables if you are auditioning for Little Cosette.

To audition for all other named parts, be prepared to read from the script in front of the other students and their parents. We will have copies for you to study and use to prepare in the hall if you would like. You can look at the script that night to decide which parts interest you. Reading ability is less important than acting the role with energy and volume. We will not be using microphones in the performances, so volume is required.

This open-audition format (with an audience) is being used by theaters in Atlanta, so this will be great practice (which is what workshops are all about). Everyone who does not get a named part will be casted in the ensemble. Ensemble members are on the stage a lot (more than some of the named characters). Being in an ensemble is great experience. Remember that most Broadway stars started in the ensemble.

Please send this information to your friends who want to try theater. This is a fun and low-cost opportunity to learn what it's like to be on stage. The script is not "corny" as so many children's plays can be, but instead has the true flavor of the Victor Hugo book and will be a nice Christmas experience for your friends and family.

For more information, email Dana Spears at

Anyone wanting to have an individual coaching and confidence-boosting session in preparation for the audition and/or a private voice lesson to prepare Castle on a Cloud can contact Alison Chambers for more information on times and cost at
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fayette Senior Services Premiers it's First Murder Mystery Theater Evening

Fayette Senior Services invites the public to enjoy a "dinner and show" evening in their own Center Theater presenting "Some Show!" The October 23rd performance, 6 - 9 p.m. will include a prime rib dinner prepared by the Center's own Chef Todd Rossi. Tickets are $22.50 per person for members and $25 per person for non-members. Tickets may be purchased in advance at the Fayette Senior Services Center located at 4 Center Drive, Fayetteville. Cash or check is accepted. No tickets will be sold at the door.

"Some Show" is a murder mystery that starts out as a "talk show" about "talk shows" but gets heated with a few ego and personality clashes with guests that include the Vegas Lounge singing team of Shecky Scagnetti and Edie Buffet, new age guru Celeste Ethereal, home economist Phoebe St. Self and gossip columnist Gordon Bennet. Sure, it sounds like every other talk show. But, Phoebe turns up dead back-stage, "poisoned" by a "taineted wet-nap." Who would want to render Phoebe harm? Or is the question, who wouldn't? Can Nickie and Ricky solve the murder on the air and boost their ratings? Must the Show go on? Tune in and find out.

Fayette Senior Services is a non-profit organization that provides a wide variety of life-enhancing social, leisure and educational opportunities for older adults age 50 and better.

Since 1978, Fayette Senior Services has provided services to eligible older adults to improve their quality of life and foster independence. Our social services include: Meals on Wheels, Adult Day Care Referral Service, Information and Referrals, Transportation Services, In-Home Services, and Case Management.

For more information visit or call Fayette Senior Services at 770-461-0813.
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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Auditions for Children for CCCT’s Nuncrackers

Carroll County Community Theatre has cast the adults for the holiday production of Nuncrackers: The Nunsense Christmas Musical by Dan Goggin. The cast is Becky Allen (Reverend Mother), Martie Abney (Mary Hubert), Liz Banks (Robert Ann), Heather Miller (Amnesia), and Bill Easterly (Father Virgil). CCCT still needs to cast children ages 8 to 14 and will hold an audition on Thursday, October 9 at 6 pm in the Theatre Rehearsal Room. All cast members are required to pay a $10 participation fee if cast. Children should bring a short song to sing acapella to the audition. This musical comedy is directed by Laurence Smith and Kathy Waldrop Production dates are December 4-6 at 7:30 and Sunday, December 7 at 2:00 p.m. Tickets are $10. Perusal scripts are available at the Art Center. Call 770-838-1083 or email for more information.
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Offshoot Productions Offers a Free Performance in Tyrone on October 16

Offshoot Productions’ Gallery Players improvisation troupe, which is quickly gaining a loyal following, will perform at Tyrone’s Boxcar Café at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 16. This lively performance is entirely free of charge, as it is part of the Theatre Communications Group's national audience-development program, Free Night of Theatre.

Although there is no ticket cost, reservations are required and seating is limited. To reserve up to two tickets, visit Offshoot’s web site, Scroll down for a link to Free Night of Theatre. Once you are on the Free Night web site, click “Find a Show.”

The Boxcar Café, where the theatre company has performed previously to full houses, is located at 865 Senoia Road, Tyrone, GA 30290. Beverages and desserts will be available for purchase.

The actors in Offshoot Productions’ Gallery Players—Elizabeth Clausen, Andy Fleming, Kristi Israel, Betty Mitchell, Paige Steadman and Joey Waldrop—bring a wide range of performing experience to the seemingly effortless improvisation they create for delighted audiences. Despite their different ages and backgrounds, they show an obvious mutual respect and delight in one another’s characters and antics. The director, Susan M. Steadman, Ph.D. has previously helmed an improv troupe in Michigan and has taught improvisation skills in workshops, classes, theatre festivals and conferences.

Each show is always different from preceding ones, depending upon audience input and the selection of scene formats from among dozens in the group’s repertoire. Examples? Well, how about a scene in which each line has to begin with the subsequent letter of the alphabet? (And the audience gets to blow the whistle—literally—when an actor slips up.) Or a dating game in which the audience assigns different characters (real or fictional, from Cleopatra to Orphan Annie) to the women competing for a guy? Like variety? Watch the actors turn an everyday scene into a Shakespearean tragedy, science fiction, situation comedy and more.

For additional information on the Gallery Players, contact Offshoot Productions at (770) 631-2362 or For general information on the Free Night program, go to To reach Tyrone’s Boxcar Café, call (770) 486-8931.

Offshoot Productions is the longest running professional theatre on the Southside.
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Kedron Receives Target Grant for Children’s Theater

Students at Kedron Elementary are going to star in their own full-scale musical, complete with professional sets and costumes, thanks to the generosity of Target.

Fifth grade teacher Carla Zonneveld was instrumental in helping Kedron receive a $5,000 Target grant to bring the Missoula Children’s Theater to the school in 2009. The grant will fund the weeklong residency of two professional actors/directors who arrive in town with all the costumes, props and sets necessary for a full-scale musical production. The only thing missing is the cast, which is where the students become involved.

The week begins with a casting call on where 50-60 students are selected to fill the roles of a popular children’s story that has been adapted to a musical. Other students will serve as backstage directors, helping with the curtains and lighting and making sure that the actors enter the stage on cue. By Saturday, after a week of intensive rehearsals involving memorizing lines, learning songs and practicing choreography, the students put on two public performances. Tickets are sold to the community for both performances with the school keeping all of the proceeds, which will be used to bring the theatrical group back to the school the following year.

“Bringing a program to a school that will make a lasting impact on some of its students is not difficult, but introducing one that will change the lives of an entire school community is nearly impossible,” say Zonneveld.

This grant is part of ongoing efforts by Target to strengthen families and communities throughout the country. Since opening its doors, Target has given 5 percent of its income to organizations that support education, the arts, social services and volunteerism. Today, that translates into more than $3 million every week.

Zonneveld says the Missoula Children’s Theater experience will give students the confidence and skills they need to be effective students while instilling important character traits that they will use for the rest of their lives.

“I have witnessed first-hand the effect this type of training can have on a large group of children. As my daughter attended rehearsals after school, I began to see the whole group changing. By performance day, I was in awe of the talent being displayed with complete confidence. Even the youngest children had developed the discipline and demeanor of seasoned performers,” says Zonneveld.

Schools can apply for Target grants between March 1 and May 31 of each year. Target funds arts programs that bring the arts to schools or make it affordable for youth and families to participate in cultural experiences such as touring programs, field trips to the theater or symphony or artist in residencies and workshops in schools.

“I hope that with the generous support of this grant we will be able to start a tradition of showcasing the arts in our community and changing the lives of many generations of Kedron Knights to come,” says Zonneveld.
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